Puppet Shows

This Friday we did the puppet shows we had been preparing all week (and maybe more). The topic was Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas. We had to choose an extract and make a puppet show out of it. The whole course (54 people) had to be divided into small grooups of 3-4-5 people and I had the great luck to be in the same team with Jack, Shem and Sam. We had something like a week to work on our puppet show and when the time came to finally present it, excitement was all over the place. 

To be honest, it was far from what I expected. Everything just seemed to end the moment it began… all this preparation – days and days of work and drawing, and cutting out, and coloring, and what not – all over in the matter of seconds. It makes you think, it really does. 

I must say I was really impressed with many pieces and the way they were presented. It was amazing that no matter how many teams chose the same extract, none of them did anything similar to the rest. Every team had their own feeling, their own style and their own way of doing it. 

Many thanks to our course leaders (Chris, Amelia and Anna) for the great idea. This really was something worth doing!


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