Colour Workshop With Anna

I can’t really remember a worse day for my entire stay. Maybe one or two, but they definitely weren’t as bleak and soulless as this one. Today “the sky was the colour of a chameleon”, an unrecognisable, dead colour that just stays there and does nothing. Static. Nothing feels right on a day like this. There is no feeling in the weather. There is no feeling to reflect anywhere – not on the canvas, not on paper and not on the computer… ugh! Dull weather like this makes me feel just as dull.

Not much pleasure filled me as I walked towards the campus. It didn’t fill me as I went into the elevator, as I stood inside, waiting, and as I walked out. But then, oh, sweet magic, Anna told us to take out our colours. Gouache paints, acrylics, watercolours, palettes, papers… it was incredible. The outside world disappeared and we closed ourselves off in the colourful bliss of the studio. The transformation was instant – a change in the light, a change in people’s faces, a change in perspective, a change in feeling! Oh, how much I love colour! I do!

I had fun today. When I walked to the sink to change my water I looked at what everyone had done and I just felt a warm tingly feeling inside because everything was so different from one another, yet we all had the same task…

All in all, I really enjoyed today’s workshop. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, to see what we’ll have to do then.

NotE: In Anna’s presentation there were a lot of big names mentioned. I took notes in my book (should check them out).


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