Study Skills: 1 – Visual Literacy


Let me just say that waiting around in the Llandaf Campus with nothing to do for two whole hours was not the best way to prepare ourselves for the Study Skill Session. If nothing else it was just a lot of time in which we could have done quite a lot of useful things… but anyway…

Jenny “From the Library” Godfrey (I’m not sure if that’s how it’s spelled) was our tutor on Visual Literacy. In her—let’s say workshop—she mainly taught us about the on-line library database and how to use Summon. If I have to be honest, I loved her workshop – the presentation was amazing, the exercise after that was quite fun (especially since my friend and I had to deal with a bunch of miniature old slides of paintings and photos.. which we even got to take home after! How cool is that?!) We had to choose a painting and find out information about it and afterwards present it to the whole group. The exercise was supposed to help us practice information finding.

It was a useful workshop I guess, but I was definitely more taken by her presentation and the slides. The part where she showed us a picture and told us to write down what we saw, the part where she showed us a video about data design and presentation, the part with the slides… :D They were all interesting and I had a good time, learned a few more things and felt inspired! :)


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