Music to my Art


Hello friends,

I am here to talk about what happened to me 3 days ago in Constellation. Why exactly 3 days ago? Well, mainly because I have not had the writing bug; I’ve actually been so unproductive that I had to give myself ultimatums to get to where I am now (which is in front of the computer, writing this post), although I did procrastinate a lot. Take it from me, procrastination is bad. BAD!

So… Thursday… let’s begin with the fact that I kind of missed the bus and I had to catch the next one and I was late…. And then I got lost and I couldn’t find the building and then the room where the first lecture was supposed to be. When I walked in there was a complete silence, all faces were turned toward me and this woman, who was obviously talking to everyone and leading the lecture, looks at me with a cold glance and I just… shiver as I apologize with a slightly trembling voice. I thought I could feel her icy gaze on my back as I hurried to a free chair. Scary stuff, guys, I’m telling you! Anyway, I could not have been more wrong in my judgment of her. Yes, she looked strict and fearsome and like someone powerful that you wish to impress but that was it, she just looked like that. She was actually really witty and funny and helpful! Her voice was strong and she spoke very clearly and passionately—she sounded like she really believed in what she was saying and she wanted us to believe in it too.

Oh, right! Sorry. (Totally out of it lately.) I never told you what she was talking about, did I? Well, she was explaining to us a method of picture analysis, which consists of 3 columns with different levels of information processing that lead to the creation of a personal interpretation, thesis and meaning, all protected by literary arguments. This would come surprisingly handy in essays and such. At first we tested it on a single image and then we did it again with three James Bond posters.


viewaug09  Die-Another-Day-Wallpaper-

It was quite nice and I realized I could spend so much time analyzing a single image—I could see so many things in a single glance but as soon as you start writing everything down, you kinda just get impressed by your own brain. And that is a pretty cool self-respect exercise!

After that there was the big lecture by Dr. Alexandros Kontogeograkopoulos (wow, that’s a mouthful {no offence!}) on the Future of Sonic Arts.

“The future of music: credo.” John Cage


It was a good lecture. An inspiring one for sure! When someone says Sonic Arts you can’t really not think about music—as in the music that we usually listen to. But when you go to exhibitions for example we’re talking of actual sonic art and musical installations—that’s what his presentation was about. Dr. AK mentioned a lot of names (John Cage, Max Matthews, Imogen Heap, Nicholas Collins and more) and played us some nice videos, including one by the Prodigy! Hearing something familiar in such a lecture, hearing something that you really like is what makes you enjoy it, pay more attention, get involved and relate to what the lecturer is trying to say to you! I was kind of disappointed that there was no Dub FX, because he would have been a great example (so much better than Imogen Heap – she’s only got nice and strange-looking gear and that’s kind of it, isn’t it? {sorry, personal opinions, don’t take them by heart}), what with his tech and no instruments and stuff.

Here’s some Dub FX for the curious ones: (gosh, I got goosebumps listening to that track!!!) and that’s one of his newest pieces :3

I thank both my lecturers for their lectures. Sincerely. I had fun, I was inspired, I learned new tricks and I even created a new OC! I called her Vasarley Rocket and she looks awesome but her place is not here. :3

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