Constellation on Nov 14


Okay, let me be honest with you. I was late for the key note lecture. I don’t know how it happened since I was awake since 9:30 but apparently something got messed up in the system and I was late. The surprising part of that whole morning was that when I got to the auditorium, and tried to get in, the doors were locked. I didn’t know this was a thing but after I ran to the back, up the stairs to the other door, it was locked as well.

Hmm. Not sure I get the message really. I never thought we were being locked in all these weeks. Now I feel like I’m on the verge of revealing some sort of conspiracy. Anyway, doors locked or not, I WAS late and I do apologize for that. I did ask my friends to fill me up on what I’ve missed and I will check Blackboard for more info.



Now the Study Skill Session was a blast. First of all, in Blackboard it was written that it was going to be held in block E, room 102. Well, we were just a tad surprised when some random teacher walks in and looks at us and goes like ‘Oh, you’re not my class!’. Well, turned out we were in a completely different block.

Prof. Alexandros Kontogeorgakopoulos (I really hope I spelled it correctly…) invited all of us in with a smile on his face and started explaining stuff about the trip to Berlin. (Let me just note how much I love traveling. Let me just hint that I have friends studying and living in Berlin. Let me just say that I just paid the deposit that secures me one of the 35 places on the trip.) I am so looking forward to that trip >.<!! Anyway! Getting back to the Study Skill Session.


Sound. That’s basically his thing. He is a person of sound and music and that is the first thing I connect him to when I hear his name. So, of course, his lecture was connected to sound. ART//SCIENCE//TECHNOLOGY that’s what it was called. So basically we looked and analyzed a case study by Thomas Grill and Arthur Flexer – Visualization and Perceptual Qualities in Textural Sounds. What we did was study the way they made the text. The title – very important to whether people are going to read the piece or not. If you have a lousy title that doesn’t really have much to do with your text people probably won’t be drawn in. Then we moved on to abstract. I didn’t know the concept of an abstract but apparently people do put one in their case studies. It is a short text that summarizes what you’ll be writing about – a hundred words or something like that. It’s actually a pretty smart thing to do because basically when you go and buy a book, you want to know what it’s going to be about—that’s why you read the summary on the back cover. :)  Then the professor was really clear in explaining how important referencing was. Without references, your essay is basically nothing. You HAVE to have all the references from actual books from libraries or whatever. You can’t just say that you read that in Wikipedia and be done with it. (Besides, even Wikipedia has a freaking reference section on every page!)

But let’s be honest. That was not very interesting to talk about. What was fun was listening to sounds and sketching them like this:


Then we did the survey that we read about before. It was a simple questionnaire in which you hear a piece of music and then choose one of five pictures that you believe represents that sound. That was pretty fun to do and it was an interesting perspective on how sounds and music connect to visual arts.

It was a weird day and it was a fun one as well. People were more open to conversation than the previous week and it felt fulfilling in a way. :)


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