I Predict… A Brief

New week, new brief, new project. Here comes the last project for the term, the last project before Christmas, the last one before we get assessed. So, Prophecy. We are focusing on the future, obviously. We have to focus on the future of one the following: Childhood, The Book/Libraries, Work and Play, Political Activism, Memory, Human Movement and The Human Voice/Conversation. Then we have to produce either a short movie, or an animation, or a prophetic magazine/book, or a series of 3 posters, or a series of playing cards.

Doesn’t sound easy, and here comes the tough part – we have to choose to work with either Puppets, in order to make a puppet show, stopmotion animation, or prints (not digital printing). As much as I love puppets and photography, I just can’t see myself doing either of the two. So I chose the lesser evil and decided to do printing… and I’ve never done printing before.

Who knew that coming out of your comfort zone could be so interesting. Chris Lloyd is the nicest person ever, mark my words. If it weren’t for him I doubt I would’ve been able to do what I wanted to do within these two weeks. And even though I can’t work on Thursdays because of Constellation and I can’t print on weekend days, I still managed somehow to do what I wanted…

TAROT cards.

So here’s a bit of an Illustrator’s sketchbook for you…



(As you can see the Magician was first written as the Mageman. This was entirely unintentional, I just started writing and I got distracted by my own thoughts and instead of THE i wrote THA… Seriously… why would anyone? So I fix it and I go on. And then I look down and it says MAGEMAN instead of Magician. I am absolutely certain that there were some mystical forces at work that night.)



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