I Predict… An Idea

So what’s the idea behind the TAROT cards? What was I thinking? How does it connect to the idea of Memory and Prophesizing it? Well, Here goes…

The whole idea of prophecies being depicted by cards  is simply exciting for me. The fear of the unknown is doubled and you end up with your heart beating really hard against your chest and listening to every single word of the interpretations. When I heard that we have the option to make a set of cards in this project called Prophecy I immediately adopted the idea of TAROT being my project for the next 2-3 weeks. But at the beginning I wasn’t quite sure how to connect it to the different options (Books, Human Movement, Political Activism, Memory…). But then an idea came to me. Let’s go overboard, we’re already halfway into sci-fi and fantasy by focusing on the future, that’s what my idea screamed.

Remember the day when you first saw the Reading?
Remember when it all came true?
Remember how you came to find the Meaning?
Do you now have a different view?”

This is a little thing I came up with, which I’m going to put on a poster. The cards will be beneath it in a standard reading spread, face up. The main reason why I’m doing this is to make people feel the same uncertainty they always feel when it comes to the supernatural and mystical. This poster presents a look into the future – it is the you from the future, who remembers the day when you saw the Tarot reading (this very day) and it makes you think about how you get way over there (on the poster). It makes you wonder what happens next. Does the reading come true? How does it come true? Will your future self remember this moment… This whole thing pulls you into a future-bound vortex of uncertainty and hope and fear…

By keeping to the authentic for Tarot cards drawing style – woodcuts – I strive to bring forth the sense of familiarity, I want the viewer to see a trustworthy set of cards, normal even. But then they will notice something isn’t really normal. It will be (even if only a little) intriguing.

In overall I would say that thoughts of the past are memories, thoughts of the future are prophecies. By mixing these two we come into this project called Prophecy that focuses on Memory. By the thoughts of the past, or Memories (that are being thought by the future self), and showing a deck of cards on the table, I invoke thoughts of the future, hence Prophecy.

I love working on this project because of my love of Tarot, future, natural balance and fantasy. You can see concept art and the actual brief in the Related articles below.

Cheers, I’ll keep you updated ((((: Now enjoy the magic of the Tarot de Marseille


P.S. You can see here some of the cards I have chosen for my own set.

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