I Predict… Progress

The title basically just speaks for itself. Here’s some experimental not-really-finished work :))


This here above is the beginning of the final inking. Also, I used this design for the Death card because I’m sort of obsessed with it and I wanted to give it this completely new look that I thought of myself as a way of respecting the connection that I have to the card. I also really didn’t like the Marseille one.


This next one is the final print in the purple ink that I cooked up by myself, like I showed in the previous post :)) Each card is 15×8,5 cm and the sheet is A2 format. I will print them out in different colours and coloured paper…


Here I kind of try out different colouring techniques. From left to right: pencils, promarkers, watercolour, promarkers again.
(We’re supposed to stick to one colour so there will be changes in both that and the medium used.)


And this one is a sort of momentary inspiration that I had when I was in the studio yesterday. As I said before, I’m kind of obsessed with the Death card and I wanted to see it in its own spotlight, so I used this image cut out from a Cardiff Art map as a background. I just love it like that. It makes you think, it really does. It even makesΒ meΒ think. And I do, every time I look at it I notice something new. :))))

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