Panel Discussion 2.0

Feeling no inspiration whatsoever over the weekend, I decided not to write anything about the Key Note until I felt the need to. And here I am now, ready to tell you that it wasn’t such a big deal after all. Remember how in the last Key Note Panel Discussion there were just the three lecturers telling us in short what they were talking about and then the time ran out? Well, basically last Friday was almost the same. The topic was Meaning and as you’ve probably already guessed the three previous lectures were all centered around that.

After the brief (really brief this time) reminders of the previous three lectures, we had time for questions and etc. To be honest I had nothing to ask. I wasn’t sure if it was because I didn’t want any attention on myself or because I thought I understood what the lecturers were trying to tell us and I didn’t need any additional clarifying answers.

But gladly, not everyone thought that because several people did ask questions. It was strange to listen to the conversation and not be able to join in. Perhaps if we had been in smaller, more intimate groups, it would’ve been much easier to communicate to one another. Sitting in a huge amphitheatric hall wasn’t very close to that idea of easy two-sided (or more) conversation, discussion and exchange of ideas.

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