The Meaning of Ideas (21 Nov)

Now, let’s talk about Clive Cazeaux’s lecture on Thursday last week (two weeks ago actually). Meaning, ideas and the meaning of ideas. It was an interesting way to look at meaning, so unlike Cath Davies’s perspective on the matter. I believe it is safe to say that even though their lectures have the same topic, they are completely different just because they are being interpreted differently. What better way is there to show the changeable meaning of everything that exists than by showing us different views on one single word… Meaning.

The lecture was genuinely interesting. I am not exaggerating or pretending, I really did enjoy it. Besides being filled with information and examples from history it was packed with philosophical and rhetorical questions that left you wondering, thinking and therefore paying attention and participating. The Professor’s view on Meaning, Ideas and the Meaning of Ideas was truly inspirational. Because truly, what is an idea? What is our relationship as artists and designers to ideas? I believe you’ve al heard the phrase “I think, therefore I am”. Have you ever thought about “We cannot doubt that we think”? I hadn’t. Not consciously. You know how sometimes someone tells you something and you can’t help but think that you already knew it, in a way…

After going over some of the philosophies and ideas of John Locke and René Descartes and comparing one to the other, we moved over to the more artistic side of philosophy and ideas and meaning. Starting with my personal favourite – Marcel Duchamp and his “Fountain” from 1917.


I really do find this… piece (if it can be called that) truly close to my heart. I can’t really explain it but every time I think of it, there’s this fuzzy feeling of excitement coming through me that reminds me that Duchamp, as famous as he was, was a rebel in his soul…

Moving on, though, the professor did talk about a lot more things. For example the death of Art, the death of Design, the fact that neither can really be dead as long as there’s a need for it, a demand for it from the people. Then he moved on to the connection of Thought, Matter and Sound. (To be honest, I must’ve been lost in thought as he moved from the little deaths of design to this…) Anyway, the theory goes like this: Thought, Matter and Sound are shaped by the same process and so they are of the same substance.


Moving on to Immanuel Kant and his ideas and concept of Pure Reason, Dasein or Da-Sein, Martin Heidegger’s Being & Time from ’27, then the degradation of the portrait into the selfie, and the idea that we think through materials: things we pick up, things that come to hand, that we reach for, that we select, that come to mind, that we think of…

Hmm, sorry, got lost in my own head for a moment. Yes, sometimes lectures make you do that. Don’t you think that makes it a good lecture? I most certainly do.

“God is dead, the Human is dead, but there is a world of possibilities.”

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