Bristol Trip 15.11.2013


Bristol is such  a nice city, to everyone who is traveling in the South-West parts of England should definitely stop by and see it. Not only because of the beautiful hilltop scenery but also because of the quiet but fast pace that the people and cars somehow manage to keep at all times. Walking through the central and small side streets is a great experience during a sunny day since you never know what you will stumble upon when you turn the next corner, whether it is a meaningful graffiti high on a wall or a nice small cafe, or a vintage clothes and trinket shop; it might even be an amazing church or the Natural History Museum which resides right next to the university building (ти да видиш!).

The image below is from a gallery in town, next to the canal, where they had papers and markers left out on a table for the little kids to entertain themselves while their parents are looking at the photographs. Of course we had to go and draw (us, university students, skilled artists and responsible grown-ups)…


I decided to make a header page in my sketchbook for this trip and this here (below) is what I came up with. It was done quickly, quietly and secretly. No one really saw me sneaking a peek from across the hall in one of the galleries and that’s what i love most about it–that feeling of espionage that I had to go through was so exciting! I managed to draw everyone who was on the trip :) No one was left out – not even Chris!


Watershed was where we stopped for lunch. What I remember is that Chris ordered loads of wedges with garlic and mayo dip for everyone and those were so delicious my mouth is watering this very moment. i vaguely remember ordering some other food but I can’t focus on that with all that potato deliciousness still trying to take over. Anyway, the Watershed was a very big, very pleasant place for a stop before continuing our tour.



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