Project “City” Week 1

On the first day of the new term we got a new brief straight after the whole welcome-back-how-was-your-holiday thing. The project is called “City” as you already might have realized and it’encompasses all of terms 2 and 3 with the deadline of May 6th. (First thoughts: What the hell are we going to do for so long?)

Part 1 consisted of research. Literally go out for two weeks and do whatever you want as long as you come back with ideas and imagery. At the end (Monday the 27th) everyone has to make a presentation, a pecha kucha (20 slides x 20 seconds each), about their ideas and research regarding one of the three themes: Migration, Power/Technology and The Hidden City.

What I did for the first week was setting up my sketchbook for the project. I had the idea that in this sketchbook I would put down all of my ideas and research and in the end I will give it a good look and choose the best option for a final piece. (Even though we won’t have to focus on that.)

Whilst going through my favourite art-promoting sites I stumbled upon many artists that have already done works similar to the ones I initially thought of. For example Eric Fischer whose idea to represent the grid of the streets as veins and arteries is a very captivating yet simple one.




His work inspires me to connect this idea of a Hidden City with human anatomy and what’s hidden inside the body. We all know the human organs, but do we know what the organs of the city are? Where they are? How they function? How they work together?



I also looked into the art of Ed Fairburn, a Cardiff-based artist and former CSAD student, has the interesting ability to insert human features in ordinary maps. Seeing as I am really excited about working with maps i found his work completely breathtaking and astonishing.




My research continues… Will upload more images soon :)

Meanwhile enjoy Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, because this is the one song I constantly think about when I hear or see Maps…

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