Artwork of the Week

From the 3rd, to the 7th of February, I got to be artist of the week at the Howard Gardens reception. i had wondered for a while what artwork exactly to put up there but in the end I stopped at Alice in Wonderland. It has always been a favourite story and I believed it would be amazing for this to be my first official illustration that people would actually see.

Here below is a picture of the painting. I used watercolours and acrylic on a big canvas which was hung up above the reception desk all week. It received a lot of positive comments and some helpful feedback.

Alice Dreaming


Now, since this is a course blog, I will also share the process of creating this finalized piece.

This first image is of the initial sketch that made me decide on Alice. I was sketching a random girl and then i sketched another one. when I coloured them after, the second girl just started looking more and more like the character and then I added the cat (actually two different versions of it, one where it’s more realistic, and another one which is more cartoonish, but still creepy).


I was ready to do a test painting on a 45x35cm canvas board. This image is what my mind conjured up.


The reason why there is such a big difference between the final painting on the big canvas and the small one is that I realized I wouldn’t be able to reach the same effect on the larger canvas (also, I was low on paint).


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