Kahn & Selesnick’s Beautiful and Surreal Photos of the Natural World

During my photography research I stumbled upon these interesting photographs by Kahn & Selesnick. The more I looked at those images the more captivating they became and the more they gave me goosebumps. I see that as an achievement in times like these where photoshop and special effects have monopolized the world of fantasy and haunted magic…


Kahn & Selesnick is an artistic collaboration between Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick, photographers and installation artists who create haunting photos that combine the abundant beauty found in nature with the surreal whimsy of men pushing themselves to the limit. In their Truppe Fledermaus series, excerpted below, their photos are an invitation to a carnival that disappears with the seasons, and their old-timey touches create worlds that seem like they could’ve existed, even if they didn’t.

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