Final Piece Development

During my time back home for the Easter break, I had time to think and by spending my time every day all day out in town with my friends I managed to clear out and polish my ideas. I came up with a final piece consisting of a series of A2 paintings/illustrations.

But in order to do my pieces the way I wanted, I needed to learn how to use masking fluid. It was a really exciting and unexpected experience and I did enjoy the first tryouts.

Here I have uploaded the results of my experimentation with and without effects because they work both ways. :)


1. Eye,  watercolour & masking fluid

IMG_3543[1] IMG_3534[1] IMG_3533[1]



2. Green, watercolour & masking fluid



3. flower, watercolour & masking fluid

IMG_3537[1] IMG_3539[1] IMG_3538[1]


4. Shapes, watercolour & masking fluid




5. I don’t even know.  watercolour & masking fluidIMG_3540[1]





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