Explaining My Idea

After my tutorial/assessment at the end of last term, Amelia (one of our tutors) suggested that I keep to the quiet, simple stories of the streets but my idea was a bit different and I didn’t manage to explain that. 

I want to focus more on the buildings rather than the people living inside of them. After my interesting discovery at the end of the collaborative project (that within the same group idea, “Magic Hidden in the City”, I had a different approach than them – they had focused on magical buildings and cityscapes whereas I decided to depict the magical creatures and people that are hidden in the city and represent that hidden magic – and the simplest explanation for that would be that they are all fine artists and I am the only illustrator) I suddenly had a very different view of the city and its buildings and streets.

At the back of my mind was the image I had seen one day when my friends and I were walking back from a house viewing, shortly after the project brief – when I looked at one of the buildings across the street it looked strangely hyper-symmetrical and all of its windows were black, with very few reflections in them. The sky behind, the storm clouds, caught my attention and the contrast was a really interesting thing to observe. And then a thought crossed my mind: what if the only thing we could see from the building were the windows. Could we still tell it was a building?

I forgot about that for at least two months until I was walking on one of the pretty small streets in the centre back home, and the thought rushed back into my consciousness. I decided to stick with the idea of negative space and a limited pallet for the final piece since they are both things that we had lectures on in the beginning of the year and they did leave a positive impression on me.


1. masking tape, masking fluid & drawing ink


2. masking fluid & watercolour


3. masking tape & watercolour


I decided that the best way to execute my idea would be with the use of masking tape and fluid along with watercolours and drawing ink. I had never used masking fluid before so there was also an experimentation element to my work this term (as there was last term with the analogue photography).

I love how the simplicity of the try-out pieces fits with the idea of quietness which I’m supposed to strive for, and also hints of something hidden away and maybe for the first time ever, people will wonder what the building looked like, rather than what is inside it. It is a city, hidden in plain sight. 

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