Hidden City (final piece)

I wasn’t quite certain at the beginning as to what my final piece would be or look like. I decided to make myself a Research & Ideas sketchbook in order to keep track of all my ideas and thoughts for this project. There are many pages in that book with ideas that I absolutely loved but which didn’t see further development for various reasons.

I believe that once again, my view of the city changed. During the Easter holiday, while I was back home, all I could think about while walking on the streets was where I could find a source of inspiration and I consciously tried to find things I could use for my project work.

After that walk around town with my mom (previous post) everything became really clear in my head, all my ideas aligned perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle – I was really excited.

For this final piece I decided to put together a book of illustrations using the masking fluid/tape/watercolour technique which actually helps convey my ideas quite easily and clearly. My idea to focus on reflections also took root in the illustrations as the windows of the buildings can be perceived as both reflections of the sky and sneak-peeks of the people’s private lives.

The next 6 images are all details of an additional A1 final piece, which is really important for the final work. (My initial idea was to have it in a frame on a wall (or hanging in the air) with a table in front of it on which lies the Hidden City Book of Illustrations. But we don’t get to exhibit our work like that.)

(Unfortunately I lost all other photos of  the  book and the works inside it. I will be able to upload them once the assessment is over. I truly apologise for this, there will be an update as soon as possible.)

IMG_3575[1] IMG_3574[1] IMG_3573[1] IMG_3572[1] IMG_3571[1] IMG_3576[1]


This is a full image of the additional final piece. It was inspired by the view from the windows of the fifth floor of the Cardiff Central Library. IMG_3569[1]


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