The second term, or our Field module, and its project were really different from what we did in the first term and what I’d expected. I believe reason number one for that is our division in different groups and the collaboration project. The project, City, was, as the tutors explained, more about the research rather than the final piece.

That inspired my Research & Ideas sketchbook in which I recorded all of my ideas for the individual part of the project. After some time passed and I looked through it, I came to the conclusion that if I spend more time on a single project, my mind starts processing too many ideas. They may revolve around the same basic idea, or the same topic, but they evolve and branch out way too fast and in too many directions which slows down my work process immensely. The main reason for that is that I simply can’t choose what idea to concentrate on. During my time back home for the Easter break, I made a mental note to work on my idea control.

The group project (the City project is divided into two parts – individual and collaborative) itself was quite interesting. I got to work together with people from a different course (Fine Art) and I got the chance to tap into their workflow and ideas. It surprised me that we all had a very similar way of thinking but our views on those similar ideas were very different. It gave me a deeper understanding of the difference between our courses. I saw more clearly where I stand as an artist. And I saw the importance of illustration even in fine art, mainly because of the illustrative nature of our final piece (which wasn’t even my idea).

Learning how to work in a team with other artists proved to be something I’d never experienced and something I see as really important for future development – the idea that we can sometimes afford to rely on others while doing our work. I believe collaborative projects are something I want to do in the future. I would like to try teaming up with people from different courses and then comparing the outcomes – may be something really simple like doodling but it would still reveal the artistic nature of each individual.

During the second term in this illustration course I got to explore new techniques and skills like analog photography, which I’d never done before but now I have two personally developed films and black and white photographs. So, apart from expanding my range of possibilities, thoughts and ideas, I also developed my technical skills and learned a lot. My mind was cleared and I finally stopped thinking about what people from other courses do all day.


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