When I first came to Cardiff I was afraid. Excited and happy, but afraid at the same time. I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t know the place and I didn’t know what to expect. One of the only things I had to look forward to was going to uni to make friends and have something to do.

I started the year with great enthusiasm. I couldn’t wait to get a new brief and then I couldn’t wait to start working. We got a lot of projects during that first term. Some of them seemed insignificant – short, one-day briefs like Words to Draw By and the Colour Workshop. Others took more time and effort, like Time Passing, and Prophecy. But the one thing all of the projects had in common was how different they were to what I’d imagined them to be.

Throughout the first term I got a taste of what people do as illustrators (puppetry, shadow theatre, book making, comic book making, etc.). I got to make an actual Tarot deck (just 7 cards, but still), from scratch, which I never thought would be possible. Now that I finished my final piece, I noticed how many things have changed about my work and its process. I am much more serious about drawing and my works in general. I pay much more attention to what colours I use, in relation to what message I want to send the viewer. I can say that I have become more careful about what exactly I capture, I now turn  to the little things, the ones that people overlook. I now find ordinary objects and things I see on the street or in the forest to have a much higher artistic value than ever before. I’ve realized during my time on this course that my (currently) preferred medium is watercolour. I’ve also realized that I’m capable of more than I know and I just need to try out more new things as the course goes.

I am really looking forward to next year. I would really enjoy the projects and it would be great if in these projects we have to work on a large scale as well. To enlarge the scale of my work is one of the things that I tried to do during the course but didn’t really get the chance to during most of the projects. I feel like I’ve moved forward but I still have something to work on.


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