“immortal” art

Since we’re looking at Critique this year, I thought I might put my focus on something interesting, something that fascinates me on its own and soon after I found myself looking at tattoos on Pinterest (check my pins out if you like: http://www.pinterest.com/sarachristova/ ), and that made me think. Tattoos are really an interesting, sometimes secretive but always artistic, cultural and social expression. They have been around for millennia and it seems like they’re still going strong.

Honestly, I am fascinated by the idea of immortalising passions and beliefs in imagery on one’s body. It’s as frightening as it is exciting—it makes you think; it makes you appreciate how much value someone holds for certain aspects of their lives by uncovering the meanings, ideas, context and connotations of the design. This is a perfect example of cultural and social expression, literally giving a general idea of what kind of person one is to the people around; a visual communication method and a statement of status and belonging to certain interest-based groups. Clothing and body language work in pretty much the same way (ideas based on: https://sarachristova.wordpress.com/2014/05/17/constellation/ ).

inspirational tattoos:

Art Nouveau, source: incah.tumblr.com
Henna Mehndi, source: Pinterest.com
Rose, source: tattoostage.com

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