Applying Visual Languages

Our brief suggested we consider perspective, viewer proxemics and ‘empathy’ for our pieces, as well as choose to focus on one of three topics (a historical event, a current/recent news story-ebola,Syria,NHS,etc., or a personal story which could appeal to others.

I’ve had several approaches to this project and still haven’t decided on a final piece. My ideas so far…

At first I decided to explore a historical event and ended up producing a quick piece of artwork based on the invention of mauve. I had a quick read of Simon Garfield’s book, Mauve: How One Man Invented a Color That Changed the World, and came up with the general idea for a piece.


After being ill for about two weeks and experiencing a hardcore art block I realized I could no longer work on the same idea and turned over to a new page and new (or maybe old) inspiration.

Last year I bought a small sketchbook which I later on filled up with some interesting lyrics from songs I like. With a short sentence on each double-page spread, I get immediate inspiration for a one-shot artwork, which allows me to explore a wide range of ideas, textures, media, composition, colour, etc. I believe this personal development fits perfectly into the project outlines. Here are some of the finished spreads.

1) Our Blood Is Gold, Nothing To Fear (Splitting The Atom, Massive Attack)IMG_5488.JPG

2) I Thought Of Angels Choking On Their Halos, Get Them Drunk On Rose Water (Just One Yesterday, Fall Out Boy)IMG_5486.JPG

3) Gnashing Teeth And Criminal Tongues Conspire Against The Odds (This Is Gospel, Panic! At The Disco)IMG_5487.JPG

4) I Love The Feeling When It Falls Apart (Desecration Smile, Red Hot Chili Peppers) IMG_5495.JPG

5) Love Is Just A Dialogue (Cheap And Cheerful, The Kills)IMG_5485-0.JPG

6) My Fur Is Hot My Tongue Is Cold (Keep The Streets Empty For Me, Fever Ray)IMG_5491.JPG

7) Baby Was Born, Nettles And Ferns (Splitting The Atom, Massive Attack)IMG_5489.JPG

7) Following The Stream Up North (Keep The Streets Empty For Me, Fever Ray)IMG_5490.JPG

8) Dead Man’s Bones (duo Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields’ band name) IMG_5494.JPG

9) Velvet Mites Will Keep Us Warm (Keep The Streets Empty For Me, Fever Ray)IMG_5492.JPG

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