Cali Cat Pet :3

After giving it a lot of thought, my housemates and I got a pet cat. We called our little kitten Calcifer Orange, mainly because of his endless supply of energy and his bright ginger coat. This little ball of adorableness is the first pet I’ve ever had and he helped me tap into a yet unexplored well of inspiration, which led me to the creation of several images…

1) Calcifer Orange, portraitIMG_5315.JPG

2) Little Cali Sleeping; ink, watercolour & gouacheIMG_5439.JPG

3) So much to explore… ;  ink, watercolour & gouacheIMG_5438.JPG

4) My first pet! I love him SOMUCH! ; Cali & meIMG_5256.JPGSince cats are so dinamic capturing an image of them through life drawing or painting can be a challenge. Even so, the product of a simple attempt could produce interesting outcomes and should not be disregarded in the long run.

I thought I could relate the illustrations (images 2 & 3) to our Visual Languages brief since they explore a certain style of illustration and experimentation with colour, perspective and empathy.

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