Fan Art

I’ve loved animations since before I could talk and I’ve always expressed it through art in the sense of drawing and redrawing my favourite characters time and time again until the point of perfect representation.

With growing up and all my coursework in college I started doing fanart less and less and I haven’t really done it properly for a couple of years now.

My housemates and I started watching loads of cartoons and it turned out that we even followed the same mangas so that took me back and once we started talking about what powers we would have if we belonged to the universe in question I just couldn’t help the urge to put those ideas down.

I have always tried to keep to the general animation/comic book style when I do fan art, but I have started adding a personal touch to pretty much everything I do, so, respectively, the next few images will differ in approach.

1) Me as a waterbender from the Northern Water Tribe, ink & watercolour


2)  Brynn as an earthbender from the Earth Kingdom; ink, promarkers & watercolourIMG_5480.JPG

3) Carys as an earth(metal)bender from the Metal Clan; ink & promarkersIMG_5482.JPG

4) us as benders in the Avatar universe; ink, fineliners, promarkers & watercolourIMG_5443.JPG

5) epic battle between the three of us; watercolour & inkIMG_5479.JPG

6) us as Naruto characters


Note: as Naruto has ended I felt compelled to do more fan art for it for old time’s sake so expect more updates soon :)


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