Definition of my Reality

We got a task to work on a collaged piece depicting our reality. We were given complete freedom for our final outcome and we were advised to check what the Platonic solids were and how they were connected to Leonardo da Vinci.

I could not have been more thrilled. The research I did re-empowered my admiration for the connections between art, science and spirituality. I was once more reassured of the importance of knowledge and the need for deep philosophical conversations and discussion.

When I started thinking about ‘my reality’ I made a little list of words. Chaotic, mind-blowing, beautiful, rushing, lone… but then I realized this was a conscious illusion, the words were coming from a very shallow place in my being. They were my reality but they were just aspects of the whole.

What I came up with is a piece which somehow actually manages to describe my reality and, at the same time, capture universal truths and knowledge, as well as referencing ideas as old as time.


This is my personal final piece.

We each got to ‘present’ our pieces to the rest of our group without saying a word about it, and letting everyone else speak up and tell us what they see, what they understand and what they can interpret, and then see if it matches our own original idea.

It’s strange how I can’t bring myself to write about this piece now; it has become a sort-of milestone of my own personal development, evidence of a moment/period of pure, complete self-awareness and analysis.


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