On ‘Mannerism’

This year’s option choosing proved to be quite hectic and in the end I didn’t get into my first choice… which proved to be the best thing that could’ve possibly happened because I got into the perfect option.

In Mannerism with Dr. Mahnaz Shah we get so philosophical, sometimes people get too confused by the depth of conversation. I love these lectures and each time I leave them with my mind blown to bits, and I can’t even compose sentences properly for a while after.

I can’t write about every single discussion we’ve had but we study about mannerist artists and try to objectively look at their work and understand/interpret it, see the deeper meaning behind the seemingly obvious and obscure. We look at the characteristics which make Mannerism and connect philosophies, knowledge and ideas from thousands of years ago (ancient Greek philosophy) to artworks by da Vinci, Michelangelo, Bronzino & more, and then we connect these to contemporary art (1880-today).

It is incredible how much knowledge people had and how vast and expansive it was. The mannerist artists were so much more than just people with incredible artistic skill, they were incredibly intelligent and intellectual, they were mathematicians, architects, physicists, chemists, philosophers…

Those lectures have made me see how lacking my own knowledge is. How much history and philosophy I’m missing from my life. It’s one of those feelings of something that would take more than my entire lifetime; something that makes me sad because of its incredible immensity and utter hopelessness. All I could do is get on with it and see how far I can get.

Life is beautiful and full of knowledge just waiting to be shared.

I could not be more inspired.




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