Painting Performance

Our Painting Performance module is on twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first Tuesday, after the keynote lecture was our first actual performance, or at least exercise to get us into the spirit of what we’re going to be doing over the next few weeks. Each of us had to fill a bucket with “Almost-Klein Blue” and go from one end of our allocated sheet to the other, making whatever marks we desire.

The results were beautiful and surprising. We weren’t concentrated on the meaning or the correctness of our marks, we just did them, there was no one to judge, no one to criticize, no rules and no limits. It was like once you stepped onto that paper you were in a different universe, like there was nothing else but you and the paint which just wants to get out of the bucket in your hand, and it’s all you can do to help it however you can… so what if you slip and fall down? So what if you dive into a puddle of acrylic? It’s too much fun to bother you even for a bit.

In the end every other group cut up their paper and put it up in their group cubicle space to dry. We made a group decision to put ours up on the opposite wall until it fully dries and keep it full size. We thought it would enforce the idea of time and movement, and the notion of leaving a trace and the uniqueness of each individual compared to the collective outcome.


IMG_5821-0.JPGKirstin Crocker :))

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