Vasarley Rocket / development sketches


So last year during the Constellation lectures I came up with this character, Vasarley Rocket. I was a bit unsure whether to upload the work around her or not. Now I realize how I may or may not have had the wrong idea altogether.

Vasarley Rocket could be interpreted as the outcome of my ongoing fascination with Tang Girl, comicbook by Jamie Hewlett. There is something about his particular style and unlikely choice of characters, placement and pretty much everything about Tank Girl, that sets it apart from other comicbooks as a very distinctive example of the ganre. I fell inlove with Tank Girl and the very idea of it as soon as I first heard of it, when someone compared me to her, Tank Girl. I was thrilled when I looked it up and found out who she actually is.

I’ve always kind of showed my attachment to a certain show or comic by drawing the characters and finding a pattern which I can use to make any potential personal character more believable. I’ve dropped a lot of the process over time and cut it down to just a few simple steps which I sometimes even do in my head, all resulting into a new character, always drawn in a similar style to the original, and always with a personal touch to it.

Vasarley Rocket is a sort of representation of what I imagine I could look like as a character in that world. I don’t know what made me choose the name but I liked the sound and unpredictability of it. I used to have blue hair but I never died all of my hair, just the lower half of it (if that makes sense… which it does, if you think about it), and when my sister got an undercut I was genuinely considering it, yet I never did it. Vasarley did both. I’m saying this as a simple exmaple of what she stands for. Some things are exaggerated, some are idealistic.






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