A Present to a Friend


I recently finished several projects at the same time and as a buffer, a way to keep myself busy, I made myself and my bezzie Carys (https://caryselenjones.wordpress.com/) a little A5 sketchbook. Hand crafted, hand bound and stitched and everything. I really enjoyed doing it, it was particularly easy, even though I’d never done it before.

I now fully appreciate the book binding workshop we had earlier this year, and I never would’ve actually sat down and done it if it hadnt been for my coursemate Ian Cooke, who was making his own sketchbooks, as big and strangely bound as they were, in the studio the previous week. He was using the books I’d borrowed from the library as weights while he waited for the PVA glue to settle and stick. I found it hilarious that he had a sort of shoe box full of pebbles from the Taff which he also used as a weight.

My process was much more simple, mainly focusing on proper stitchwork and gluing the right bits together. I think it was a pretty successful project and I’m definitely going to be doing more of it.

IMG_6118[1] IMG_6117[1]


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