Non Art Materials / Performance

That day, everyone had an A4 sheetup on the wall in front of them. This was more of a personal exploration, unlike other times, when we shared a surface or worked as a group. We were supposed to bring in any non-art materials of our choosing, to use in our artwork instead of paint. Some people brought Gravy granules, teabags, cleaning products, flour, toothpaste, clay, tomato soup and so much more. I brought a bucket of leaves from the park and I got scared I wouldnt be able to make them stick. Fortunately, with the help of some water (cloudy with washed off acrylic paint), I managed to turn them into a more volatile substance.

We were doing slow movements at first, concentrating on muscle use and breathing and connecting with the material, exploring its flow and consistency and learning to work with it. Then we switched to a faster pace, an angry approach with violent outcomes.




It was an interesting exercise for lots of reasons – seeing what everyone else had done with their materials, both as interesting mixtures of substances and interesting outcomes. By the end though, the mixed smell of all those mixtures became so potent, we had a hard time trying to focus and discuss the work.

Note:  video update soon.


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