Dissertation Prep / weeks 1&2

Shattered. urban/natural glass composition (as found on the way home)

We’ve had two lectures so far (as usual on Fridays) about what a dissertation is, why we have to write one and how we should be going about it. Ashley Morgan has been presenting in both sessions, trying to explain to us what it is all about.

I don’t know why, but I’ve noticed that in both lectures what she was talking about was pretty much the same, only the second time there were more actual examples. Somehow people don’t seem to grasp what they are supposed to be doing, which to me seems absolutely ridiculous, as a dissertation is what EVERYONE does at the end of their course. There is only so many ways to describe what a dissertation is, and after repeating herself about seven times, you can see why I started finding the lecture a bit frustrating…

For some reason, a number of fellow students still haven’t grasped the idea of having a blog and how we are all expected to fill it, which is fairly surprising as we’re in the middle of our 3-year course and it is what we have all been marked on for the last year and a half. Questions like “how many words are we supposed to write on our blog in the Constellation section” seem downright ignorant while we’re trying to talk about our dissertation.

Personally I’ve been stressing out quite a lot. I decided to hand in the pre-proposal form next week since I’m still too unsure about my ideas. I feel like there are so many things I want to write about that if I choose one, I’ll immediately regret not choosing another. Ashley rightly noted that we should focus on something that we love, something that we find interesting and exciting, because we’re going to be spending a lot of time on it from now until this time next year, and I completely agree…. But at the same time it feels like my interest in things is boundless.

(I will add another post or two or twenty about my ideas and how I plan to go about them… both to share it and to give it at least some form of basic outline, on which I can focus my research. )

Whoof. Exciting stuff, am I right?




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