life drawing 2/2/15

four 3-minute poses, charcoal on paper, A2


two 10-minute poses, charcoal on paper, A2


“reclining nude” ; 1 hour pose , charcoal on paper, A2


detail piece during hour-long pose, charcoal on paper, A2


Wow, I haven’t done this in ages… It felt so good to let loose and just concentrate on this one thing alone…
With stress levels rising again it has become really hard to really focus on something for a prolonged amount of time, so this session came as a gift – I was doing something without having to worry about the time (well, I did but in a different way) or what you have to do next. I was relaxed and completely at ease. It was like my own personal natural form of meditation.
Someone mentioned last week or so that the life drawing sessions were getting cancelled and that this session would be the deciding one. Whether or not that was the issue, there were quite a few people in the life drawing room which inspired me even more – I haven’t been in a room full of so many people doing art at the same time since… probably the beginning of this year.
Well, I just hope that we keep on having life drawing sessions.


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