Gorillas in the Roses

For my second term field option I chose to do collaging with James Green and I was happy once again to see lots of familiar faces, good friends and excellent sources of inspiration. (He-he-he…) This whole option is pretty much self-explanatory. It is about collaging and the making of collages, cutting and gluing, all the special tricks of the trade and how to literally work with other people’s works.

Collins-Guide-to-Rose_413 Library-wallpaper196_366

We started off with a presentation and a few clips, to get us into the feeling of what we will be doing over the next five weeks. I was quite excited and it was all really interesting but when James showed us the pile of old comics and fashion magazines that he’d brought for us to cut up I just lost my head. I LOVE comic books. 2000 AD, with the stories about Judge Dredd, Tank Girl, one of my absolute favourites, and more… And the magazines were full of old coloured photos on incredibly thin paper! I honestly don’t know how to emphasize my outburst of pure happiness! The little child inside of me always wants to copy this or cut that out, but is always shushed by the grown up, rational version that keeps everything safe and in mint condition. Now that I get to cut and rip, and shred, and chop, and slice… ah, it feels so good!

It gives me a sense of freedom, not much different from Painting Performance (last term’s Field option). Last time we were dealing with the essence of paint itself, the ultimate tool of the artist with qualities as numerous as its colours, whereas this time we’ve got finished images as initial material, all the possible colours, patterns, textures, sizes and most importantly mixtures and combinations of different methods.

This year our Field module genuinely seems to be directed at us letting loose and finding exactly where we stand as artists which I deeply appreciate. I am enjoying this Field project and I’ve already started thinking on a few ideas connected to my subject practice.


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