So I went to the library…

I took a few books out the library in order to do my initial research into my topic of choice. My idea is still in its early stages, that is to say it is quite vague and i need more time to polish it out completely but I believe once I start writing about the books I’ve looked at, everything will fall into place.

As you can probably already tell by the titles of this book pyramid, I will be exploring mythological characters and other divine creatures, their meaning and visualizations throughout the ages and the shift of meaning from times of genuine worship to the chaotic visual culture.

I do realise it will take a lot of time and effort but I am really looking forward to it because it is a topic I have always been interested in, ever since I can remember – the gods and goddesses and spirits and demons of old cultures and civilisations. I have a lot of background research that I have done subconsciously through the years (writing lists in notebooks, collecting images, books, posters, encyclopedias and more) which gives me a good base for my research.

I’m so excited to start reading!

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