collage art / online research / images

Below you will see some interesting collage examples employing various techniques and aproaches.

Kelly Campbell

Ana Strumpf
Merve Ozaslan
Tom Edwards


Ashley Joseph Edwards


Deborah Stevenson
Brett Walker




Francisca Pageo
untitled by melanieday on Flickr.
Virginia Echeverria Whipple
Elise Wehle
Lucas Simões


Eva Han
Adam Caldwell
Eleanor Wood


{Jesse Draxler // Javier Pinon // Hollie Chastain // Amira Fritz // Jonathan Zawada} The Jealous Curator (


Hollie Chastain
Jelle Martens
Collage 179 by kimama; source:
A collage of fireworks compiled from over 50 photos taken with a camera phone / Jesse Garcia
Abigail Reynolds
source: the jealous curator
Catalina Viejo
beach collage poster by Urban Outfitters
Jill Ricci
Misato Suzuki
Colin Johnson
Jose Ramussi
Maria Aparicio
Ben Giles
Lisa Hochtein


Jesse Draxler
Jesse Draxler
Juh Ore Duh Anne
Waldemar Strempler

Feek free to go through my ‘Collages’ page on pinterest, where I’ve collected the most interesting and beautiful collages I’ve come across. here:


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