art block / release

pills 001
pills 002
pills 003
pills 004
pills 005

all these were done for no specific reason other than I felt like it and in a way they helped me put things in order… visually. I found myself in a sort of art block (you know how it is when the inspiration and the motivation just leave you for a while) and this was the only way to still stay on track and think about my work even though I couldn’t engage with it.

They’re all a bit smaller than the standard A4 size, acrylic on paper. At first (“I”) I was mainly trying to see how much I can simplify the painting process and still come up with a recogniseable outcome. It kind of set the grounds for all the rest of them. I saw the experimentation with colour combinations as vital and one peculiarity was that I painted the pills first and then filled up the background later. It seems like a trend for all of my work and a sort of template for my thinking as well. The initial idea is always the central bit, the one thing that I want the attention to fall on, the rest comes later to fill in the blank space.

on a more extensive personal note: It’s like I’m obsessed with getting straight to the point – if I could get rid of the background altogether I probably would. I try not to think too much about my own process because that’s just way too confusing – not because I don’t know what’s going on but precisely the opposite, I do know and if I choose to describe it I will, only it will take me ages and I’d have to get into weird philosophical and psychological specificities which, again, are way too complicated to spend so much time on. I’d rather just do the actual work. 

Anyway, I really, REALLY, enjoyed working on these and I will try and do some more in the near future, perhaps more to the subject. I will be busy making the installation’s descriptive illustrations/maquet.


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