As a final piece, for the brief, I created a book – ‘illustraTED’. I thought it has a nice ring to it (and later that it could potentially turn into an actual practice for TED talks) and I wanted it to have TED in it in some way.

the book : 19 x 19 cm, hand made, has 48 illustrated pages, that try to explain visually what Sean Carroll is talking about in his presentation ‘Distant time and the hint of a multiverse’.


 note: I did mess up the stitching though, I did it at home quite late, so I suppose I didn’t realise how tired I was… anyway, I decided to go through with it, with deadlines approaching so quickly… I still love the way the book turned out and I still wonder whether I should have put in the actual text rather  than just the illustrations.

I actually think that this way, the book becomes a mystery that the reader gets to solve – ‘what illustration goes with what part of his talk?’ or playing with the sequences… the possibilities are many.


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