midsummer musings

untitled flowers, from my summer sketchbook

It’s equally frightening and exciting to be going into our last year of uni in just a couple of months.

It somehow feels like barely any time has passed since we all arrived first, and yet here we are, two years of solid experience behind our backs, having created friendships that would (hopefully) last a lifetime, and having gone through rough periods as well as the times of our lives.

Premature nostalgia. It’s sad and so uplifting at the same time – the importance of the year to come and the weight of it being the last one, converge into a sea of inspiration, expectation and significance, filled by inevitable sadness that it all has to come to an end.

But focusing on the actual work that I came here to do, and my dissertation, and degree show, I feel confident that I will be able to overcome whatever fears and anxieties I may have throughout the year, and come out with the work that I know I am capable of producing.

With all the ideas flowing in my head, I’ve been keeping a journal of sketches, doodles and imaginings, which is nearly full. I’ve got a few ideas on what to do with the work I’ve got so far, one of which is to recreate those doodles and turn them into coloured, more intricate pieces. Could say that would be my summer project, my anchor in the hurricane that is my dissertation.

another note: I had a bad fall on my bike on the way to the library the other week (safe to say there was blood, although it was mainly bruises in the end) but nevertheless, I went straight there and after some first aid from one of the lovely receptionists I went for the library. Stayed there for quite some time until I left with 11 books and biked all the way back. It was the best live representation of my will to know what I need to know and do this right. I’m buzzing!


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