Sea Dreams and Other Curiosities Part II

 This summer I decided to fill up a sketchbook with curious thoughts, mind-twisters and interesting ideas. (One of which was the realization that the word ‘sketchbook’ contains my initials S.Ch.) I was actually trying to not imagine anything forcefully, so in a sense I was drawing with no particular direction. After adding detail after detail, after detail, I never stop to wonder what  to do next – I try to employ the concept of ‘it will come on its own‘, and it works in a weird way. Once the little abstract shapes start forming a pattern which I recognize, I continue to recreate the same pattern, it becomes more distinct. I continue to build on the image until it looks like a coherent portrayal of the idea/state of mind that I’m drawing from.

Creating these images allows me to use them in further projects, or build new artwork based on them. I have already started recreating some of the images from the sketchbook (not posted here) on a larger scale, with more precision and thought.

Note on theme: I noticed after a few drawings that the sea-life pattern was recurring. I associated that to the fact that for the first time ever in the summer I haven’t gone to the seaside for more than a day. (By that I mean the gorgeous, hot, Bulgarian seaside, rather than my chilly surrounding) So… I can’t wait to go swimming…
Another theme that occurred and recurred, from which the shell idea grew from can best be seen in the first piece below,

‘horn-like ingredients and the falling star’
‘an arrangement of imagined beached shells’
‘undiscovered characters of the blue depths’
‘sea portrait, gold tentacle frame’
‘fine endings’



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