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I won’t be talking much about the creation of the world in this presentation. However, it is a core part of my idea for a final project, or in a way, a series of projects, looking at and trying to point out the similarities in a number of Creation Myths.Slide3

There is something really interesting about them; almost every single one (if it hasn’t been too altered by its verbal format) starts with a notion of darkness, chaos, infinity, nothingness… often water and gooey primordial substance and very often…

an egg. Our ancestors had notions of the world and how it was created, no matter where or when they were from, what’s amazing is how the stories they came up with are so similar, and yet almost completely different – that’s the beauty of language and diversity.

Nowadays, with science doing the job creation myths used to, and religions being described in conflict with each other, no one knows what to believe anymore; there is not one religion that promotes violence, they all teach love, compassion, peace and cooperation.

Education, 1890, by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Tiffany Studios; stained glass window for Yale University’s Chittenden Hall

So how could that lead to conflict and misunderstanding? How long will it take for us to appreciate religion and faith for what they’re meant to be – an inspirational and unifying factor of our existence. Spirituality and faith are unique and tailored to the individual within the larger group, we understand what they represent for ourselves, in our own way. That is unique and yet unifying under the dome of a said faith.

But what about the higher knowledge, the mysteries, which myths convey for the open mind? I have chosen to delve into mythologies of various ends of the world and different points in time. I will be studying a handful of creation stories and attempting to unveil hidden meanings by extracting the deeper similarities of those myths and then illustrating the story in phases, so they can be juxtaposed and exposed for how much they are alike despite their different interpretations. I believe this could be deeply reflected into our own lives by the simple truth of it. I am not altering the myths but only bringing the attention to those details which could be proof of a collective consciousness, a unity we should all be striving towards as a kind, as a planet, in order to grow and continue experiencing this world… but i’m trailing off now, step back.


At the beginning while I was in the process of coming up with ideas for what I could do, I started visualizing thoughts of a final piece. I think it always helps to have a bit of direction, but also to allow it to morph as you go along. I ended up doing more sketches of that than development work, and even though I was trying to think of the other, I kept going back to the final piece concepts, which evolved as my research went along. I’m sure that was key to helping me visualise the idea to chapterise the myths where each story is like a different prism for the same narrative. This example sketch I did was the most recent one, and probably the most reflective of where I feel my idea might end up.


Considering I’ve been polishing my idea for a few months now, I had to do some developments, and so I had to start making some choices. What mythologies am I drawing from? Where do I start?

Initially, even though I was spending most of my time on my dissertation, I had the urge to get a few visuals down for later reference, if not just to clear my head space. That’s what led to this little study of a possible Nut and Geb depiction – I like the idea of them fitting together so I tried to recreate that straight away.

Then I thought I should go more simplistic, abstract even. The more simply I go about making an image, the more meaningful the marks become on their own.

At first there was Chaos. It was asleep in the Infinite Darkness.
And then it awoke…

To be honest, I panicked over the range of choices and went for Ancient Egyptian myth almost instinctively. There isn’t such a character in their stories but it was inspired by my fascination with the concept of the ‘Ogdoad’, the four primordial forces which existed before everything. They are the representations (4 male and 4 female aspects) of chaos, infinity, darkness and nothingness. This experimental piece is key to my whole project where the mark is representative of the meaning as much as the image itself.

Primordial female concept of Chaos, Infinity, Darkness and Nothingness

So I ended up employing that idea to the actual story and the results were fascinating to me, as they were exactly what I’d conceived them to be but also much more…There is a lot more work to be done, so I’ll be focusing on that alone now; there’s quite a lot of Subject work I should be catching up on…




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