xmas portrait presents

This Christmas, I decided to actually sit down and create portraits for my family. I asked my mum to send me some pictures of my grandparents to work from, what I didn’t tell her was that I was going to use a photo and do one of her and her partner. I wanted to make ones of my sister and father but I started quite late and couldn’t get round to it on time. Also, being really secretive about it all and making sure no one knew I was doing portraits added an exciting danger factor to the whole experience.

It was a nice project, something creative to do while I was back home for the Christmas holidays. I didn’t bring anything to do with my uni project or dissertation, so I could clear my mind and breathe easy for a while.

my grandparents

mum & BoB

Β I’m actually quite happy withΒ how they turned out as I did it all as an experiment – single line portraits aren’t really something I do often, but now that I have tried it out, I think I can make some interesting work.

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