3.3m concept


For the recent formative assessment I wanted to show concept artwork and a storyboard for the animation I’m working on. Instead, I decided to create a continuous drawing which tells the whole story.

It is a mixture of a number of creation myths and my own interpretation of scientific discovery. The story begins with the bubbles of the multiverse, each one its own universe. We then dive into one and witness, bit by bit and as a whole, the creation and development of what we soon realise is our own world.

The image turned out to be 3,33m which I thought quite intriguing. I used pencils, acrylic, gold, silver and white pen, and a bit of gouache.










Any comments, feelings, and generally creative criticism of all kinds would be greatly appreciated :)


1 thought on “3.3m concept”

  1. […] We had to prepare and time it (10 minutes + 5 minutes for comments and questions), which was one of the things I slightly messed up by starting off a bit slow and then having to rush the end. I did a recap of the whole research I’d done and evolution of my ideas though I was meant to be showing mainly developments and actual work. I think my save and trump card was the 3metre-long piece I did instead of thumbnails, as concept artwork for the planned animation (you can see that here). […]


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