Business Cards

Feeling so professional!

As part of our professional practice, we had to make business cards. (The sound of it just sends a ripple of excitement through me every time!)

Dan Peterson who leads all the PP sessions agreed (took it upon himself more like) to help us all out with the design and printing side of things, all according to our own preferences of course. Because of his contacts, we got a really good price for 500 cards each (I still can’t believe there are so many, don’t know what to do with all of them!), which is pretty amazing.

Sara-Christova-BC thumbnail_cropped

The first image is what I have on the back of my card, and the second has all the appropriate text over it. I am really pleased, although at the time I still hadn’t started working on my website, so the cards only refer to my blog. Not the end of the world in any way. They were done in time for the show in Bristol, which was brilliant.



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