People of Sofia

I recently discovered a page on Facebook called People of Sofia. In it there are photographs of random people in the city. I love how from these images one can see how much diversity there could be in the same place at the same time and not only in style but also in ethnicity, sexual preferences, subculture and social status.

I believe the page came to people’s attention last year during the beginning of the already 9-month protest in Bulgaria against the government. Photographers found a gold mine in there and the internet was swarming with beautiful images of the protests and strikes. What I love about this series of photographs though, is how they focus on the identity of the protesters. The way they capture the character of each person and how they’re objective enough to take pictures of everyone and not just one type of people.

Later on the photographs evolve into ones of daily street life with random streets, parks, places and people. The best part of that is the contrast between the people in their way of dressing, walking, sitting around with friends and generally looking, laughing, frowning…

Feel free to check out

The photographs below are from that page and they are of people I know, friends and family, all randomly photographed (without their knowing) and later tagged on Facebook.

My dad, during one of the protests.


My friend Alex, who was trying to fix his camera and then he looked up and saw someone was taking a picture of him. Completely oblivious and he looks like that… I think he should be a model. He talked to the guy from People of Sofia and they posted part of the conversation on Facebook, about why he likes old film cameras better.  1549269_255652997929620_1097169778_n


Tony, the blond boy in the first photo, a long time family friend. My friend Mladen is the curly guy with the guitar in the black and white photo. In the last one is Floffy (: the only guy standing up.


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