early morning flight

On my way back from Easter holidays I had to fly to London from home. It was an early morning flight and I asked for a place next to a window on the right side so I could see the sunrise. 

It was the most magical thing to see it reflecting off the clouds, creating a magnificent view of a vast snowy peachy-golden cloudscape… And so bright it was almost blinding. 

When I got some coffee and tried it, it naturally tasted like cardboard even after I’d put both sugar and milk in it… So after a few sips it became too unbearable and then I felt bad for wasting coffee. 

I decided I had to do something with it and while I was playing wih the stirrer I started tracing lines on the inside of the cup. And then I realised I could use my sketchbook as a base and the coffee as a medium. I decided I can’t ftw just anything and I quickly decided to try and capture the memory of that gorgeous blinding cloudscape and pretty much everything I could see outside the window. 


Research from Berlin

These are pages from my idea sketchbook. The first one is a page for Generator Hostel, where we stayed for the trip. The last one was inspired by the crane photographs that I made (which you can see in the second picture). It was quite surprising how many cranes there were (and construction sites altogether), no matter where you looked, left or right, there’d be at least one or two cranes somewhere in the distance. This also gave me some nice ideas for future photographs and artwork.