Out of This World / Mœbius

One day years ago, as I was going about my business online, skimming through images and articles in dismissive boredom, I stumbled upon something truly extraordinary. An artist whose work made my mind completely blank and quiet and what I remember feeling was an outward wave of tingling energy from my heart all the way to the tips of my fingers. It’s a similar feeling to falling in love when your eyes meet someone else’s.


It was an image by Jean Giraud, also known as Moebius, comfortably nestled amongst the piles and piles of whatever Pinterest had to offer at the time. “Esteemed by Federico Fellini, Stan Lee and Hayao Miyazaki among others, he has been described as the most influential bandes dessinées (comic strip) artist after Hergé.


I was mesmerised by his use of colour, composition and detail. It is apparent in each and every image of his, instant awareness of space and scale. Simple, yet so complex it spins your head. It is an experience in itself of another world, another universe, and it all originated from the mind of this one person.

Jean Giraud (8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012) has since been one of my absolute favourite artists and I whenever I find myself looking for inspiration or ideas I always seem to find the perfect piece. It was too soon after I discovered his work that I found out he died after battling cancer for a long time.

Many artists have since paid their tributes, including Paul Pope whose Adventure Time Moebius-styled short comic strip was featured in AT Issue 5. I took the liberty of putting it in just below.


vortex / cover & illustrations

Before the academic year was over I was working on an important side-project. The second book by author Vera Petrova called Vortex, about to come out.

After the success of her first book 6 years ago she wished to collaborate once more to create a second boutique publication, this time with illustrated chapters rather than just a cover. Saying I was excited would be an understatement.

What happened was quite interesting – Vera had had a look through all of my work online and liked several pieces which she thought would fit the esthetic she imagined for her book. I suggested making new work in accordance but she was set on several sketchbook pieces from the beginning days of my final year project ‘Cosmic Genesis’. As they were no longer of any importance to the outcome of the project, I felt they would fit well for the occasion. Thus they became chapter illustrations.

The cover artwork was chosen in a similar manner. Vera wanted her second book to carry on the layout of her first book (‘Instead of a Book’) – a short but wide image which flows from the back cover to the front cover as one long piece. A very fitting image I had done was, again from ‘Cosmic Genesis’, the 3.3m-long animation concept. She felt it was illustrative of her entire idea behind ‘Vortex’ so she had me send it over to her visual editor (Rumen Dimitranov), who shortened it wonderfully so it can fit the format without losing meaning.

You can see the finished cover below, as well as some of the illustrations inside.


Neon Ladies



I haven’t done realistic portraits in quite a while now and the other day I thought it was time that I did so here are the neon ladies. (the colours of the original are a bit softer but I think this works quite well…)


And this is the original magazine cut out from which I took the girls’ faces :)


It is interesting when you think about the colours of these images. None of them are what you’d expect to see in a rural environment so that, in a way, makes them city colours.  I’ve decided to create a series of pieces using UV and neon colours and paint in which to capture the identity of different cityscapes, that is – to create characters representing the city. Looking forward to it already. :)

The Fire Master

This is a painting of one of the frames of the storyboard that I made for our group field project. :)
Magic hidden in the city in the form of a mesmerising, leather clad, fire bending (and poi spinning) witch!

Acrylic on paper, 40x60cm

Art space in my room.

IMG_2964[1]This is a photo of my easel in my room. I created this artist area, covered in newspaper and magazine pages, so that when I paint, the paint doesn’t fall on the wall or the carpet by mistake.


Mysterious Future

A Reading of the Future must be done properly. Candle light, crystals, a special table and dry herbs (in this case lavender).






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