Finally painting

finally finally finally!!!

I started painting my final pieces, after a wait that just felt like a small eternity. Annoyingly enough, I had to first prime the boards, so I can paint them without damaging the wood – that was resolved by a quick solution of watered down PVA from a massive tube in the studio. Next up was the black base – now that was tricky because I was running very low on black acrylic and I didn’t have money for supplies at the time. I had to turn to my friend in Fine Art, Arthur Jarvis, whose work pretty much focuses on dark and sticky substances and for it he uses a lot of black paint. Fortunately he had some left, which I thought would run out quite quickly but miraculously covered all the boards and there was even some left to spare.

After having experimented with wet on wet painting I started thinking of how to do it well with acrylic. The process of making the Space piece and the Cosmic Tree piece was the most satisfying experience – watching mesmerised as the paint flows through the watery layer, plays, settles, moves, swirls and makes unexpected shapes and mixtures. Such things cannot be achieved by the human hand but only induced by it and I liked having that idea add to my work.

Artwork of the Week

From the 3rd, to the 7th of February, I got to be artist of the week at the Howard Gardens reception. i had wondered for a while what artwork exactly to put up there but in the end I stopped at Alice in Wonderland. It has always been a favourite story and I believed it would be amazing for this to be my first official illustration that people would actually see.

Here below is a picture of the painting. I used watercolours and acrylic on a big canvas which was hung up above the reception desk all week. It received a lot of positive comments and some helpful feedback.

Alice Dreaming


Now, since this is a course blog, I will also share the process of creating this finalized piece.

This first image is of the initial sketch that made me decide on Alice. I was sketching a random girl and then i sketched another one. when I coloured them after, the second girl just started looking more and more like the character and then I added the cat (actually two different versions of it, one where it’s more realistic, and another one which is more cartoonish, but still creepy).


I was ready to do a test painting on a 45x35cm canvas board. This image is what my mind conjured up.


The reason why there is such a big difference between the final painting on the big canvas and the small one is that I realized I wouldn’t be able to reach the same effect on the larger canvas (also, I was low on paint).