Laser cutting

So, the final decision was to have my pieces painted onto circular boards. A hard surface with weight to it for the hanging, which could easily be laser-cut into the right shapes and sizes. MDF. Yes.

After speaking to my tutor about it she advised me to talk to a specialist and I sent her an e-mail as soon as I could. After not receiving an answer for about four days, I got quite worried, as I needed the time after to prep and paint the boards. It was nearly a full week before I was induced in the magic of laser-cutting. I managed to fit all the circles onto 3 thin MDF boards and so create the platforms for my final pieces.

Because of the restrictions and considerations of the laser, the hanging holes which I hoped to be quite thin, had to be a lot wider which I wasn’t too pleased with. The other thing was that since I wanted my pieces hanging without turning, I had to have two holes on each. It was either that or getting perspex sticks which I didn’t want to do for it would have taken away the floaty bubble idea.

Finally after almost a full day sorting that out in uni, I was ready to get to work and star painting.


a multiverse of bubbles / gif 2.0

So when I came back to my project, I felt it was lacking something. Perhaps my perspective needed to be shifted. And it did.

I realised i’d been focusing on the idea of the creation of this world, this universe, without considering an idea which has recently been raising a lot of uproar in the world of science – the concept of a multiverse.

I was reading an article about a ‘wormhole’, a seemingly empty spot on the edge of the observable universe, which seemed to be emitting some form of energy seemingly from nowhere. This was what led some scientists to the idea that our universe may be one of many which, like connected bubbles, could influence one another, and that phenomenon could be the proof of that theory.


I found this idea fascinating and decided to add the concept of a bubbly multiverse at the very beginning of the animation piece I’m planning. I wanted to see them breathe, shrinking and expanding, moving together, flowing with and according to one another; I wanted to see the multiverse come to life and I started doing some small scale experiments with watercolour.


this is a gif of the 5 pieces above
‘multiverse bubbles with a glitch’

I thought it would be interesting to see what happens when I use glitch editing, and I’m actually really pleased with the result. Apart from the visual appeal, it could be a reference to the idea of an inter-dimensional distortion. If we come from a universe which is contained within this multiverse – perhaps our idea of the level above (the multiverse) would be distorted by the limits of our cognitive capacity and perception.