Cosmic genesis / artist statement

Everything about our lives and our very existence depends on the milestones of the Cosmic Genesis – the points in the history of the universe since the beginning of time which made life on this planet possible. Each one of those points, the formation of the Earth, the shaping of the Solar System, the origin of the Milky Way, has been crucial and yet has happened due to an ever-continuing ripple (or butterfly) effect. As if reflected in our own scale of being, each thought, decision, action, no matter how seemingly insignificant has the potential to cause unimaginable changes in this world we think is set in stone. On the contrary, it is alive, breathing, growing, evolving, moulded by the forces which influence it, whether that refers to meteorites, the shifting of tectonic plates, natural phenomena or the negligent behaviour of a single one of the Earth’s myriad of species.

Rooted in mythology and stemming from scientific discovery, this project’s aim is to bring the viewer’s attention to a higher perspective and a process of self-reflection, both figurative and literal. Through the observation of this chain of creation, the viewer’s mind is stripped of superficial concerns which are replaced by a sense of understanding and elevated perception. Ultimately I wish to evoke empathy towards our home planet and an awareness of the choices we make, which could sustain or exhaust it.


AYLY3 / Revolt (a)

 Are You Lost Yet is a free zine published by young creatives, with the idea to “to pair up young writers with photographers, illustrators and graphic designers to make a zine that reads well, looks great and encourages young people from Cardiff and beyond to express themselves.” ( Our friend in uni who is involved in the making of the zine told us we could contribute to the third (upcoming) issue, and I was all for the idea.

The topic was Revolt and I was certain I could come up with something inspiring and unifying. While I was intently listening to the new Muse album (Drones), I did a few sketches of conceptual pieces like a man in a wasteland and a little bit of writing which says until there’s nothing left, or an old woman holding up a mirror that shows the faces of a police force army. But in the end I couldn’t give soul to any of them. I soon realised something and changed my entire research perspective.

concept sketch for my final piece, the goddess of revolt, justice and balance

In my dissertation I am looking at gods and goddesses, what they represent and how they’re represented. What if I twist the idea of revolting, and relate my work to inspire and to support my arguments…?

My idea was simple…I looked up:
Adrestia (goddess of revolt, just retribution and the sublime balance between good and evil)
Dike (Roman: Justitia) (goddess of justice and the spirit of moral order and fair judgement based on immemorial custom)
Astraea (the virgin goddess of innocence and purity)
Nemesis (the goddess of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris)

and came up with the invocation of the hope for justice that societies around the world are standing up for. The representation of a higher hope for retribution and ultimately peaceful coexistence with each other, with all other species and with Nature.