Cosmic genesis / artist statement

Everything about our lives and our very existence depends on the milestones of the Cosmic Genesis – the points in the history of the universe since the beginning of time which made life on this planet possible. Each one of those points, the formation of the Earth, the shaping of the Solar System, the origin of the Milky Way, has been crucial and yet has happened due to an ever-continuing ripple (or butterfly) effect. As if reflected in our own scale of being, each thought, decision, action, no matter how seemingly insignificant has the potential to cause unimaginable changes in this world we think is set in stone. On the contrary, it is alive, breathing, growing, evolving, moulded by the forces which influence it, whether that refers to meteorites, the shifting of tectonic plates, natural phenomena or the negligent behaviour of a single one of the Earth’s myriad of species.

Rooted in mythology and stemming from scientific discovery, this project’s aim is to bring the viewer’s attention to a higher perspective and a process of self-reflection, both figurative and literal. Through the observation of this chain of creation, the viewer’s mind is stripped of superficial concerns which are replaced by a sense of understanding and elevated perception. Ultimately I wish to evoke empathy towards our home planet and an awareness of the choices we make, which could sustain or exhaust it.


final pieces

After some hard thinking and work I finally finished them. These are the pieces I’ve chosen to put in the exhibition.


Due to unforseen technical difficulties I’ve lost some of the scans and these are the only ones I managed to recover.

All of them are painted with acrylic onto MDF covered in black acrylic. It felt amazing to be able to finally paint, rather than plan and do technical things like scanning, editing and blogging.

These will be suspended so they hang at eye-level, arranged so they form the backwards narrative of the creation of our universe.

final idea / development

After Amelia’s comment on the second opening night of WITHIN / WITHOUT, I decided I had to make some changes.

Instead of a single long piece, I chose to go for the easier option and go with separate images for the separate pages. I’d been doing concept drawings in my sketchbook and it only made sense for each one to just be on a separate piece of paper, but still, adamant that they should be suspended on strings, rather than just hung on a wall.

Quite a few things changed throughout the course of this project. From illustrating different Creation myths in order to point out similarities to making an animation uniting all their main elements, to a long continuous piece hinting at a multiverse… I have finally come to a final decision.

My plan is to create an installation of the timeline of our universe but backwards. First we observe what is now, the Earth suspended in space, and then we start going further and further backwards until we reach the point of the Big Bang, the point of primal genesis, the point beyond which we can’t tell what was. Then I will employ the multiverse bubble theory and we will move out of the bubble our universe’s timeline is contained within, to the space where all the numerous bubbles float about, each one containing the possibility of a universe within it… they hang freely until they lead to another freely hanging piece, the last bit of the installation, a mirror. Next to it a short poem tying everything together and inspiring the awareness, self-consciousness and empathy we al must feel towards our world, our planet, our home, and all the beings inhabiting it alongside us.

It is our world, our choices and our responsibility.


Biographies Brief / Mikhail Bulgakov


‘This twenty-year-old boy was distinguished from childhood by strange qualities, a dreamer and an eccentric.’
‘If you care about your digestion, my advice is: don’t talk about bolshevism or medicine at the table. And, God forbid – never read Soviet newspapers before dinner. ‘
‘The tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes – never!’
‘Manuscripts don’t burn!’
‘Yes, man is mortal, but that would be only half the trouble. The worst of it is that he is sometimes unexpectedly mortal – there’s the trick!’
‘Once more, and for the last time, the moon flashed above and broke into pieces, and then everything went to black.’


Performance Group 1 / final piece sentiments


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d7a/58572234/files/2014/12/img_6132.jpgKirstin x Ethan / Purple x Red


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d7a/58572234/files/2014/12/img_6134-0.jpgUntitled,  Purple/Blue/Red
(left to right) Kirstin, me & Ethan inside our final piece


/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/d7a/58572234/files/2014/12/img_6135.jpgUntitled,  Purple/Blue/Red
(left to right) Kirstin, me & Ethan

note:  photos of all of us (including Danielle) will be up soon!

Final Piece Development

During my time back home for the Easter break, I had time to think and by spending my time every day all day out in town with my friends I managed to clear out and polish my ideas. I came up with a final piece consisting of a series of A2 paintings/illustrations.

But in order to do my pieces the way I wanted, I needed to learn how to use masking fluid. It was a really exciting and unexpected experience and I did enjoy the first tryouts.

Here I have uploaded the results of my experimentation with and without effects because they work both ways. :)


1. Eye,  watercolour & masking fluid

IMG_3543[1] IMG_3534[1] IMG_3533[1]



2. Green, watercolour & masking fluid



3. flower, watercolour & masking fluid

IMG_3537[1] IMG_3539[1] IMG_3538[1]


4. Shapes, watercolour & masking fluid




5. I don’t even know.  watercolour & masking fluidIMG_3540[1]