animation: beginning

After getting overexcited about the little 15 frame gif that I made, I quickly went on to do a storyboard for the entire story I want to animate. All nice and wonderful until I realised just the first two thumbnails will take something like 30 frames each, and that’s pushing it. It really does drain your soul, animation. but hey, might as well give it to something worthwhile…

here’s the first test animation I did at the end of last week.

Now this one was more carefully executed, with tracing paper and all, and it pointed out a few things I need to consider when continuing with the animation work – one is the use of acetate. or the potential use of a light box, although when working with so much black, I’m not sure it’ll work properly. then again nothing is certain until I test it.

ahhhh good luck, me. To be continued…


feel the chaos

I wanted to continue trying out ways to use the marks more abstractly, without the ideas of male and female, but as a singularity.

The studies below are experiments with black and white and line. You need to feel the chaos, to create the chaos. So I created some dark infinite chaos, hoping to find the perfect way to represent the ideas in the right way.

In a way, they all work, but in a way neither of them does. The search continues. I think these will definitely be important at some point. At the moment they are more of a spin off of the main idea.

I’m eager to see what happens next time I sit down and draw.

infinity & chaos




I wanted to do some more definitive studies and finalised images…

There’s a small dictionary of marks I made after I did the drawings, not for any particular reason.

I’m really pleased with these, and I think I’ll try some other geometric arrangements, go on a bigger scale – use A2 and A1 sheets of paper to illustrate all of them together… Then quickly move over to incorporating those concepts in the contexts of different myths.


chaos / nothingness


darkness / infinity


infinite spiral study

After finishing the Ogdoad study, I thought that the ‘infinity’ couple looked a bit odd. So I decided to sit down and actually consider how to incorporate the symbol for infinity into a feminine and a masculine shape.

I really liked the idea of the infinity ┬ásymbol incorporated into a spiral (below, right) so it became a single line infinitely spiralling outward. I tried filling the male and female with it but I didn’t think it was representative enough (below, left) and went on doing the spiral, and when I twisted the top, it looked like a head, so I went on with a few more little versions of it (small sketches, right).

I found my shapes.